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Double Reel Trailers


About the LRE 0214

Introducing the LRE 0214 Double Reel Trailer, a robust solution for heavy-duty hauling needs. With a GVWR of 14,000 lbs., this trailer boasts a reel capacity of 10 ft. x 60 in. and an empty weight of 2,200 lbs. Its durable construction includes a 6-inch channel main frame, 6-inch channel cross members, and 2 x 3-inch rectangular tube uprights. Equipped with electric brakes, 235/80R16 tires on 16 x 6 8-bolt silver mod wheels, and safety features such as breakaway battery and warning decals, it ensures reliable performance and compliance. Finished with PPG industrial urethane paint in white, black, orange, or yellow, this trailer combines functionality with durability.

LRE 0214
(14,000 lbs)

LRE 0214 Features

GVWR: 14,000
Reel Size: up to 120'' diameter x 66'' wide
NATM Compliant LED Lighting
Paint Colors: Black, White, Orange, Yellow.
Jack: 12k Drop Leg Jack

LRE 0214 Options

- 14K axle package with ST235/80R16 tires.

-8K or 10K axle package with 215/75R17.5  tires.

-Reel diameters up to 120"

-Side loaded reel racks.

-9" or 16" overspin brake.

-Retriever Assemblies.

-Tracer wire holder.

-Composite spindle bar wear pads.

-Bearing blocks for spindle bars.

-Grounding lugs.

-Stabilizer jacks.

-Full length side steps.

-Removable gantry.

-3/16" tread plate floor.

-Enclosed frame area with expanded metal.

Double Reel
Self Loading Trailers

About the LRS 0214

Introducing the LRS 0214 Self-Loading Double Reel Trailer, engineered for efficiency and reliability. With a GVWR of 14,000 lbs. and a reel capacity of 10 ft. x 60 in., this trailer simplifies heavy-duty hauling tasks. Its hydraulic system, powered by a 5 HP Honda motor and 303 hydraulic fluid, facilitates seamless loading and unloading of reels. Equipped with a robust frame, electric brakes, and standard LED lighting, it ensures safe and secure transport. Finished with PPG industrial urethane paint in various colors, this trailer not only performs but also looks the part.

LRS 0214
(14,000 lbs)

LRS 0214 Features

GVWR: 14,000  lbs.

Main Frame: 6” I-Beam

Jack: 12K Drop Leg Jack

Tongue: 4”x6” Rec. Tubing

Reel Dimensions: 60” Wide X 120" Tall

Hydraulics: 5hp Gas Motor

Fenders: 12” Junior Channel

Catwalk: 10” Junior Channel

Paint Colors: Black, White, Yellow, Orange

LRS 0214 Options

Reel Capacity: 2 Reels

Steps: Grip Tape

Spindle Bar: Hollowed out Version

Paint Alternative: Hot Dip Galvanizing

Misc.: Mud Flaps, Wheel Chocks, Spare Tire Mount

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