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Bear Proof Dump Trailers


14' and 16' Dump Trailer
(14,000 & 16,000 lbs)

About Our Bear Proof Dump Trailers

The LDT 1414 Dump Trailer is built for heavy-duty hauling with a GVWR of 14,000 - 16,000  lbs. Measuring approximately 20 ft. in length and 102 in. in width, it offers ample space for various loads while maintaining a manageable empty weight of around 4,500 lbs. Its hydraulic system includes a hoist, pump, hoist frame, and fluid system for efficient dumping operations.  Additionally, a bear-proof storage box provides enhanced protection against wildlife interference. The trailer features electric brakes, single tires, and sturdy 16 x 6 8-bolt silver mod wheels for reliability on the road. Constructed with durability in mind, its main frame consists of 6-inch channel steel, supported by 6-inch channel cross members and a 4 x 6-inch rectangular tube tongue. Safety features include rated safety chains, a breakaway system, warning decals, and reflective tape. Finished with PPG Industrial urethane paint in various colors, the LDT 1414 also includes accessories like ramps, D-rings, tiedowns, and a charging system, offering strength, versatility, and safety for all hauling needs.


GVWR: 14,000 & 16,000 lbs

Tongue: 4" x 6" Rec. Tubing

Main Frame: 6" Channel

Jack: 12k Drop Leg Jack

Fenders: 12" Heavy Duty 3/16" Steel Material

Hydraulics: Electric Pump With Solar Panel

Hoist: Scissor Hoist


Ramps: Aluminum Pull-Out Ramps

Axles: 10K

Jack: Hydraulic Lift

Paint Alternative: Hot Dip Galvanizing

Misc.: Mud Flaps, Wheel Chocks, Tie-down Rail

Goose Neck Hitch Available

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