LRG Self Loading Cable Reel Trailer

LRG Standard Features:

-Frame: All LRG Main Frames Are Rated                         For 10, 000 lbs of weight

-Pumps: Dual Hand Pump(1 pump for 1 cylinder),

-Reel Size: 3' to 10' Diameter, 60" Width Max

-Fenders: 12" Heavy Duty, 3/16" Steel Material,

         Fully Enclosed Light Box

-Spindle Bar: 2-1/2" Diameter, 2 Lock Collars

-Paint Colors: Black, White, Yellow, Orange

LRG Options:


        12 volt 4 button cord set Elec/Hydro Motor,

        13 hp Motor Bolt on Retriever/Rewind


-Paint Alternative: Hot Dip Galvanized

LRG 1008 - 8,000lbs 

LRG 1010 - 10,000lbs 

LRG Rewind/Retriever Kit 



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